Focus on NRH Engineering Auto Reset Subsoilers

A high-quality range of subsoilers designed to eliminate problems caused by today’s modern farming techniques. With the ever-increasing use of larger equipment NRH low draft subsoilers are the ideal solution. The “V” configuration makes the machine a lot more efficient than a single beam version, the leading tine disturbing the soil for the following tines. The machine is made in the UK from top quality materials and designed for low maintenance and long life. The hydraulic trip protection eliminates the use of shear bolts saving downtime and allowing greater forward speeds. The hydraulic system has a fully adjustable pressure system which allows for the machine to cope with varying ground conditions.


  • Cat 2/3 linkage.
  • Up to 620mm working depth.
  • Main frame 300mm x 200mm x 10mm
  • All wearing parts are made from a specialist material quenched and tempered.
  • Easily replaced wearing parts.
  • Hydraulic Auto Reset that can easily be adjusted to suit varying ground conditions.
  • Coil, 750mm packer roller or depth wheels as options
  • Optional leg spacing.
  • Feet have legwear protection side plates.
  • Hydraulic depth control as standard.
    Rear tine bar for extra cultivation as optional.

Check out the full NRH Engineering range by following the link below.