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At Ancroft Tractors Ltd we have bespoke parts departments at all three of our depots that are equipped to deal with all of our customer’s needs.

Our parts departments are there to give advice both on premises and over the phone, while our staff are more than happy to answer any queries our customers may have. We can often source parts for machinery that we haven't sold and can also provide expert advice and guidance to make the process as easy as possible for the customer.

Our stock levels are continuously topped up to ensure that our customers can visit our depots and walk out with the part they need that same day. In the unlikely event that we need to order non-stocked parts for customers, they are almost always available within 1-2 working days. We also have a fast and reliable next-day delivery service for those that are too busy to visit us in person.

Our parts departments are open 8am-5pm from Monday to Friday and 8am-12.30pm on Saturdays. However, we are flexible about opening hours and can usually make arrangements to fit in with our customers’ needs. If you have a special request, please just ask and we will always endeavour to help when possible.


We believe that the manner in which we provide our service is just as important as the service itself. In an ideal world, your machinery would keep going all year round with no issues. However, breakdowns do happen and while we can’t completely avoid them there are several things we can do to help prevent them and keep costly disruptions to a minimum:



The benefits of servicing are simple yet absolutely vital to the machine’s health. Servicing your machine at the recommended intervals means that you’re using parts in their intended way and not putting too much strain on them. Most parts are long-life and are expected to last, but some parts cannot be expected to last because their sole purpose is to keep the long-life parts healthy.  If we change these regularly, we can be sure that your machine is performing to its full capability.

A filter is a perfect example. It makes sense that it can only do its job properly for a certain time before its effectiveness begins to reduce and that’s why we recommend you regularly come to us to service your components.

Servicing also means that your machine is getting a thorough check over at regular intervals.  If, for whatever reason, a part is failing and we notice that at the early stages, consequential damage is avoided and the repair is therefore quicker and less costly than it otherwise would have been. We offer oil sampling during services too which can be a quick and easy way to avoid expensive repairs and downtime.


At Ancroft Tractors Ltd, we boast a large team of the best technicians to get you going as quickly and economically as possible. Across all four depots/service centres, technicians are varied in their strengths, each specialising in specific areas, which makes for a versatile and effective team that isn’t fazed by anything.

We continually invest time and money in our Service Departments to ensure that technicians are fully trained in all of our franchises. Having access to the most up-to-date and reliable equipment to diagnose, repair and maintain your machinery is also vital and is something we regularly invest in.

Alongside general repairs, we are also able to offer specialist services such as air conditioning repair and service, LOLER forklift testing and NSTS sprayer testing across all three depots.


To ensure complete customer peace of mind, we offer an extended warranty across all of our machines which leads to maximum productivity, performance and profitability by minimising your downtime.

Purchasing an extended warranty with a new machine improves its value when you come to trade it in too. Dealers know that all services and repairs will have been done by a certified Ancroft Tractors Ltd technician which is absolutely invaluable.

Extended warranty is also a way to fix your costs. Warranty packages cover everything deemed to be ‘manufacturing or material defect’ so worn and damaged parts aren’t included. We’re also able to put together service packages so you can include maintenance packages with your machine purchase.

Please just ask us for more information.

If you’d like a tailored extended warranty quote for one of our machines, we will endeavour to respond to you as quickly as possible. If doing so, please send us the following information:

  • Machine serial number
  • Machine make and model
  • The number of hours you want to cover to
  • The number of years you’d like to cover it for
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