The Sumo DD (Direct Drill) in action!

The essential tool for zero-till crop establishment where seed placement is required with minimal soil disturbance.

  • Low horsepower requirement and lights as standard
  • Seed flaps ensure seed-to-soil contact and prevent seed bounce
  • Cameras and LED work lights
  • Simple calibration and metering. Satellite speed monitoring.
  • 200mm row spacings, grain and fertiliser options available
  • Hydraulic brakes*

The key points with the DD system are that crop residues are left on the field surface and incorporated for their nutrient value and soil health. More emphasis is placed onto using cover crops effectively “adding” to the soil rather than leeching from it. Using the DD results in fewer passes on a field, which in turn means less compaction, as well as less fuel, labour and machinery expense. Weed pressure decreases as less soil is disturbed.

120-500HP 3m – 9m