May News


This month we are looking at the Massey Ferguson TD Series Tedders

Key Features:

  • 15 models
  • Working widths : 4:50 to 12.70
  • Super C 9mm Tine diameter
  • Tine arms per roto – 6-7
  • Rotors 4-10
  • Security locking system

Rotor Heads

Massey Ferguson rotor heads have an enclosed design which protects all important components from dirt and dust. This design provides years of trouble-free service.

Power Train

The individual rotors are driven via a generously dimensioned hexagonal shaft and robust universal joints. This type of power transmission is smooth and reliable and free from backlash.


All MF hay tedders are equipped with thick-walled, strongly dimensioned square frame tubes which ensure excellent rigidity and a very long service life.

The individual rotor frames are connected via sturdy frame joints with special flange sleeves and hardened pins. All joints can be relubricated for extra reliability and durability. This contributes to ensuring optimum performance even after many years of service.

Comb Effect

Equal-sided tines allow you to achieve an optimum mixing of your high quality forage. This is known as the comb effect, as during the process the different layers of forage are perfectly mixed together and turned, providing the optimum production of high-quality forage.

Tines with sides of equal length also provide the benefit that you do not need right-hand and left-hand tines but only one kind of tine, which makes spare parts management easier.

Tine Arms

The tine arms are made of a tough, galvanised flat steel bar, which allows a wide contact surface between tine and rotor disc. This ensures excellent power transmission even under the harshest of working conditions. The forces are optimally absorbed whenever the ground is uneven.

All Massey Ferguson tedders are equipped with tine loss protection as a standard feature. This protects machines which are following behind and also your valuable livestock. The tines are secured under the tine arm. This arrangement has the advantage that the upper side is smooth and, as a result, forage will not be left hanging. It also allows the tine greater freedom of movement, which contributes to optimal processing of your high-quality forage.

Super C

The Super C quality feature guarantees a high level of quality and ensures an extremely long service life. The tines used at Massey Ferguson have to undergo a test cycle and survive 200,000 impacts without damage. Special process steps are used to design and manufacture the tines for toughness, elasticity and durability.

The Super C tine has a tine diameter of 9.5 mm, a coil diameter of 70 mm and six windings, making it one of the most efficient on the market and typical of the high quality of each and every Massey Ferguson hay tedder.

Unique hook shaped tines

The new MF TD X tedder offers many benefits to users, thanks to its unique hook-shaped tines, which operate at the perfect speeds to deliver unsurpassed tedding capacity.

The hooked shape, working angle and the combination of a short and long tines produce an exceptional tedding action:

  • Moves up to 50% more crop on each revolution
  • Gentle operation protects the crop
  • Minimises sward damage and crop contamination

Unique, flexible hooked tines offer:

  • Clean, even crop pick up
  • Less tine wear and lower risk of breakages

Exceptional tedding from long and short


Thanks to the SLS (Security Lock System) from Massey Ferguson, maximum safety for your machine is guaranteed during folding operations. SLS is an automatic, hydraulically-activated switch-off and positioning system, with integrated freewheel which interrupts the flow of power to the rotors when the halves of the machine are folded up. As a result, a high degree of safety is ensured in the transport position as well as during maintenance work. The possibility of damage to the power train is also minimised in the event of incorrect operation.

Working Conditions

As with all Massey Ferguson hay tedders, the forage is picked up by the tines and turned gently, without damage. A light, loose and well mixed mat of forage is created, to help ensure a top quality end-product. With the central edge spreading device which is fitted as standard, edges of fields no longer present any problems. It’s all high quality forage down to the last blade of grass. Because of the spreading angle adjustment system, you can always adapt your machine according to the harvesting situation. In the working position, the transport chassis is folded up in front of the rotors, which ensures an optimum centre of gravity.

As a result, the chassis does not stand in the ejection path of the forage and the loading created by the centre rotors is reduced to a minimum – perfect pre-requisites for producing your high quality forage.