March News

16th March 2020

Sulky Multi Hopper Progress Drill

Sulky UK’s new PROGRESS multi-hopper seed drill combines accurate and efficient seed placement with high work output, and effective drill management, to save farmers time and money while improving yield and efficiency.

Up to three independent hoppers, driven from a single interface, provide the flexibility to drill a companion crop or second variety alongside a main crop, and if desired, add granular fertiliser at the point of sowing.

Precision seed placement is achieved using GPS and includes stop/start at headlands and automatic rate adjustment via maps. Sulky’s exclusive universal metering unit allows all sizes of seed to be drilled, from rapeseed to field beans, without the need to change the metering wheels.

The new PROGRESS drill offers significant savings in time, money, and fuel, and the ability to drill in all conditions with Sulky’s high output Cultidisc coulter unit.