July News

With our demonstration Massey Ferguson IDEAL 8T now on site, this month we are looking at the Massey Ideal Combine Harvester.

MF IDEAL | 451-647 HP

The Harvest Game Changer

The Ideal harnesses industry leading technology to deliver more grain at the best quality, for you. It’s the first “clean-sheet” design of a combine in 30 years—a machine based not on what has come before, but on what producers like you have told us they need, and what we’ve tested in some of the most rigorous trials ever initiated by a farm equipment manufacturer.

Over the past six years and continuing today, we’ve sought input from producers the world over. We’ve heard from combine operators who, collectively, grow every crop harvested by combines in practically every condition.

Key Features

  • MODELS – IDEAL 7, 8 & 9
  • ENGINE HP – 451 – 647
  • TRAKRIDE – 26′, 30′, 36′ WIDTHS
  • GRAIN TANK – 17,100 L
  • UNLOADING – 210 L/ SEC
ModelEngineEngine HPRotorTotal Separation AreaGrain Handling
IDEAL 7AGCO Power 9.8Lt451Single2.27m²Grain Tank – 12,500L/ Unload Rate – 140 L/sec.
IDEAL 8MAN 12.4 Lt538Dual3.58m²Grain Tank – 17,100L/ Unload Rate – 210 L/sec.
IDEAL 9MAN 15.2 Lt647Dual4.06 m²Grain Tank – 17,100L/ Unload Rate – 210 L/sec.

Transmission & Drives

With simple gearboxes and fewer belts than other combines, the IDEAL offers a system designed to lead the industry in power-transfer efficiency and put muscle where the combine needs it the most. The shortest route is a straight line.

That’s the basic idea behind the IDEAL DriveCenter, the combine’s central power unit, in which one gearbox attached directly to the engine drives all main components of the combine: the processor, cleaning system and hydraulic pumps, as well as the header, including today’s newest corn chopper heads.

Such a straightforward design allows for the most efficient transmission of power. Also, because belts can siphon off power via slippage and breakage, the IDEAL uses fewer of them than other combines. Wet clutches on the DriveCenter also ensure smooth engagement, thereby reducing wear and tear—and maintenance—on each component.

Dual Helix Rotors

More threshing area, gentler on grain and straw. The IDEAL combine allows more space for a new threshing and separation rotor design that’s gentler on the crop—both grain and straw.

What’s more, as compared to other systems, this dual helix processor requires as little as 50% less power to operate in a variety of crop conditions. Yet, while the rotor is exceptionally efficient, its threshing and separating performance is best-in-class.

At 4.8m long, it’s almost 60cm longer than the nearest competitor, allowing the material to generate huge centrifugal force at a much lower speed and remain in the rotor longer. As a result, grains are separated gently and reliably, while straw is protected at the same time.


Having built upon decades of industry-leading innovation in manufacturing tracks for agricultural equipment, the TrakRide system ensures exceptional performance and comfort, while reducing maintenance and enhancing reliability, all of which help ensure the combine is up and running at full capacity in short harvest windows.

TrakRide is available with three different belt sizes, 26‘, 30‘ and 36‘, featuring a unique suspension system with belt tensioning integrated. The system maximises combine foot print and reduces soil compaction while offering operators increased comfort in the field and on the road.


Reduced sensitivity to hillside harvesting is achieved with specially moulded pans evenly distribute the material over the cleaning shoe without adding complex active systems.

Due to durable polymer construction and large service panels, both return pans are easily removable for ease of maintenance.

Grain Handling

On all models, unloading speed and grain tank capacity are coupled with an innovative auger that is gentle on grain, ensuring less damage, and it requires less power than older systems.

Available as a standard feature on the IDEAL 9 and as an option on IDEAL 7 and 8, the Streamer 210 unloads at 210L/sec. IDEAL also offers the Streamer 140, which unloads at 140L/sec. With the option of a 17,100L grain tank (standard on the IDEAL 9), the IDEAL combine features one of the largest capacity in the industry.


Setting a new standard for automated machine adjustment, the IDEALharvest system offers unprecedented, real-time visualization of crop flow within the combine via a special grain-quality camera and numerous sensors, including mass acoustic detection sensors (MADS). Measuring the differences in acoustic qualities, the sensors can determine what is grain and what is not and direct the IDEALharvest system to change the necessary combine settings–all to maintain the operator’s harvest strategy.

Real time visualisation enhances control. The harvest strategy itself is set by an easy-to-use touch-screen tablet, allowing the operator to select preferences for minimizing grain damage, loss and material other than grain (MOG) in the bin. In addition, the IDEALharvest system

can even compensate for sudden shifts in various factors, such as crop density and field slope.