April News

4th April 2020

Sulky X40+ ECONOV

High levels of accuracy from Sulky UK’s ECONOV system in its fertiliser spreaders helps farmers save up to 10% of fertiliser.

Sulky’s XT40 + ECONOV model spreads granular fertiliser up to 44m in Sulky’s unique and patented curved spreading shape, that accurately reflects the reality of centrifugal spreading.

Featuring 12 section control, with all possible combinations including leaving only the end section open, fertiliser application can be optimised according to crop need.

Where soil maps are available, these can be overlaid using Sulky’s SULKY QUARTZ 800 terminal, to further improve variable rate distribution via section control.

Hopper capacity is available from 1,900L to 3,000L, and the on-board weighing system means operators will be alerted when each hopper is running low, so you’ll never be caught out running on empty.