Sumo is now leading the way in the drills market too, with the DTS (Deep Tillage Seeder) attracting huge interest from farmers wanting to move to strip till drilling. The DD (Direct Drill) is designed for zero-till establishment, and the addition of both a DTS and DD Toolbars offer a more flexible solution to crop establishment.

Other equipment in this section includes the SDO (Single Disc Opener), Sumoseeder and Front Hopper, all designed to complement our range of cost saving machinery.

Read all about the features and benefits of each – and see how they can fit into your farming system.


An exceptionally versatile drilling system, giving the user the option to direct drill into stubble, minimum tillage or plough-based systems.

  • Row spacings at 346mm for the DTS9 and 333mm for all others. Independently mounted to ensure good contour following ability
  • Cameras and LED work lights
  • Grain and fertiliser option*
  • Simple calibration and metering. Satellite speed monitoring
  • Hydraulic brakes*
  • GPS compatible

The essential tool for zero-till crop establishment where seed placement is required with minimal soil disturbance.

  • Low horsepower requirement and lights as standard
  • Seed flaps ensure seed-to-soil contact and prevent seed bounce
  • Cameras and LED work lights
  • Simple calibration and metering. Satellite speed monitoring
  • 200mm row spacings, grain and fertiliser options available
  • Hydraulic brakes*

The Sumo Toolbar systems have been developed to provide the user with a flexible solution to their crop establishment needs.

  • Full road lighting kit
  • Independent contour following coulters
  • Even seed placement
  • Optional variable rate drilling
  • Paired with Sumo Front Hopper making the ideal drilling system

The Sumo Front Hopper compliments any rear-mounted implement.

  • Sumo Orga metering system with optional variable seed rate drilling
  • Tank light
  • GPS compatible
  • Hydraulic fan
  • Satellite speed sensor
  • Cat 2 linkage
  • One touch calibration

The SumoSeeder is designed to establish OSR and other small cover-crop seeds with a cultivation machine, such as a Sumo Trio, Quatro or LDS Low Disturbance Subsoiler.

  • 180lt hopper capacity
  • Twin electric fans
  • Sumo's own Organ metering system
  • Fan status and low-level product alarms
  • Area meter
  • GPS speed controlled
  • Forward speed display
  • Adjustable seed outlets for band or full width sowing

The Sumo SDO Single Disc Opener is a cost effective way to improve Oil Seed Rape (OSR) establishment, by attaching the implements to your cultivation machine.

  • Rubber suspension mounts
  • Folds for transport
  • Slim-line tungsten-edged opener
  • Quality sealed bearings on disc and press-wheels
  • 450mm hardened disc angled in 2 planes
  • Multi-adjustable pins for sowing depth control and down-force