Achieving big things.
Think Fendt 1100 MT.

Decades of experience, constant development and a continual desire to help farmers and contractors around the world to achieve maximum efficiency and performance, came together to create the Fendt 1100 MT. With its 12-cylinder AGCO Power Engine and innovative drive technology, it sets new standards in the field of power transmission and all that with full road capability.
1149 MT 336 457
1154 MT 365 496
1159 MT 403 548
1165 MT 440 598

Rated Power ECE R 120


500 hp for your best work every day. Fendt 1000 Vario.

Big. Strong. Unique. A true masterpiece coupled with leading Fendt technology. Experience true strength, full traction, expert control and intelligent networking with the Fendt 1000 Vario.

The Number One for heavy draft work.

Fendt 1000 Vario harnesses its power. Its large tyres, intelligent ballasting and tyre pressure assistant as well as unique, variable four-wheel drive deliver the right amount of grip in any situation – along with outstanding manoeuvrability. And it has more than just pulling power.

kW hp
1038 Vario 291 396
1042 Vario 320 435
1046 Vario 350 476
1050 Vario 380 517

Fendt 900 Vario - Ready for more.

Fendt is already thinking ahead, and has the answer to the challenges of the future: The new Fendt 900 Vario. Discover why you're ready for more with the Fendt 900 Vario.

Without compromise.

Ready for more? It's got to be the new Fendt 900 Vario – impressive on every level – efficiency, grip, versatility, safety, comfort and intelligence.

kW hp
930 Vario 217 296
933 Vario 239 326
936 Vario 261 355
939 Vario 283 385
942 Vario 305 415

Rated power ECE R 120

Superior. To the last detail.

The Fendt 800 Vario is the popular high-horsepower tractor that scores high in compactness, flexibility and performance. With up to 287 hp, they are not only powerful in the field, but also superior for transport work. It is also superior down to the last detail, with smart and efficiency-enhancing technologies, such as the tyre pressure regulation system VarioGrip, automated steering and much more.

kW hp
Fendt 822 Vario 166 226
Fendt 824 Vario 181 246
Fendt 826 Vario 195 265
Fendt 828 Vario 211 287

Rated power to ECE R120

Perfected for every kind of work.

This versatile tractor, ranging from 144-237 hp, is your powerful partner for all kinds of work – from easy-going grassland work, to dynamic transport, to heavy-duty field or fleet operations. A new driver's workstation sets standards in terms of functionality, customising and ergonomics. The new FendtONE operating philosophy is also unique, connecting your office seamlessly with your machines for the first time.

kW hp
Fendt 714 Vario 106 144
Fendt 716 Vario 120 163
Fendt 718 Vario 133 181
Fendt 720 Vario 148 201
Fendt 722 Vario 163 222
Fendt 724 Vario 174 237

Your farm, your perspective.

The Fendt 500 Vario is the perfect all-round tractor that you can always depend on. Its strengths include traction, precision cultivation, excellent efficiency, comfortable and safe when transporting. By the time you come to use the front loader, you’ll see how manoeuvrable and manageable the tractor is. Your work will take on a new quality and provide excellent prospects thanks to these tractors. Fendt 500 Vario. Your ideal perspective.

kW hp
Fendt 512 Vario 91 124
Fendt 513 Vario 98 133
Fendt 514 Vario 110 150
Fendt 516 Vario 120 163

Rated power ECE R 120

300 Vario Generation 4:
Always the right choice. For 40 years. And for many years to come.

The Fendt 300 has been a unique success story since 1980, with 140,000 vehicles sold. This series is perfect for most farms in terms of performance, quality, versatility and outstanding residual value. The 4th generation Vario features the all-new driver's workstation with FendtONE as well as the high-end model 314 with 152 hp max. output. The concept seamlessly unites machine and office. With this, the 300 Vario is again a pioneer among compact standard tractors.

kW hp
Fendt 311 Vario 83 113
Fendt 312 Vario 90 123
Fendt 313 Vario 98 133
Fendt 314 Vario 104 142
Fendt 314 Vario DP 112 152

Rated power to ECE R 120

A true great – anytime and anywhere.

The Fendt 200 Vario is a true star of the compact standard tractor sector. Experience the unbeatable Fendt Vario technology within a power range of 77 to 111 HP maximum power. Enjoy the tried and trusted continuously-variable gearbox and the easy controls. Fendt has constantly developed this technology. Fendt puts 100% into the Vario.

kW hp
207 Vario 57 77
208 Vario 63 86
209 Vario 71 96
210 Vario 77 104
211 Vario 82 111

*Maximum power ECE R 120