Precise chopping with the Fendt Katana forage harvester

The way to a truly efficient forage harvest: with the Fendt Katana forage harvester, you can experience precise control with a high output and the best chopping quality for maize, grass and energy crops. The Fendt Katana is also extremely fuel-efficient. You can rent a forage harvester to reinforce your fleet for the short term: our Fendt Katana Profi rental programme offers fair services without investment risks. In combination with Fendt tractors, your fleet is perfectly equipped for forage harvesting operations.

The power of precision: The new Fendt Katana 650.

Forage harvesting and earning money is a lot of fun with the new Fendt Katana 650. Because in the end it always comes down to performance. To be a cut above. With the best results in terms of quality and quantity.

  kW hp
Katana 650 478 650

Precision is maximum performance anytime and anywhere.

With the new Fendt Katana, you can work on grassland no matter how hilly the terrain, how soft the ground or how varied the crop moisture. The huge cutterhead and the six feed rollers can process the highest yields with the best chopping quality. The new Fendt Katana is unstoppable in maize. Powerful and precise, it delivers the best quality chopping and pulping results for both short and long cuts. There is no better way to process maize for fodder or a biogas digester.